WFTV Reporter, Angela Jacobs is dead? Find out the reason here.


Credit: WFTV

If you don’t know about Angela Jacobs, she was the anchor and reporter. She died on 19th July 2022 Tuesday. She died due to her fight with metastatic breast cancer. Along with that, her co-workers at WFTV verified the information. She was a worrier and fought cancer for a long period of time against metastatic breast cancer. She was seen hiding all her pain and suffering due to cancer behind her beautiful and glowing smile. Anchor Nancy Alvarez also remembered the late reporter and gave tribute to her on social media. 

What was the situation with Angela Jacobs?

Many people revealed a lot about her personality and her loving nature. Another co-worker and friend of Angela Jacob called Shannon Butler remembered her. A friend said that she used to devote her time and love to her close ones. Butler further said Angela used to discuss her breast cancer only when she can benefit someone else. Further added that she used to give full attention to her life and believed that she wants to have full fun in her life. As per the information from WFTV Profile, Angela Jacobs passed out (graduated) from Carolina, University of South. Henceforth, she completed her master’s from the University of Missouri. She was a very active person and used to love playing sports and traveling. 


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What was Angela Jacobs’s early life like?

The veteran’s career began with being a reporter for Fox Sports, in the year 2008. She covered topics in Florida like Rays and Lighting. She covered her sports journalism for almost a decade at WSTP in Tampa Bay. She was awarded for her honorable and commendable work. She earned two Regional Emmys for her hard work and a few more awards. She decided to work on WFTV for eyewitness news as a correspondent in the general assignment. 

Her career reached a peak when she was covering the case of a lady. In the case, the lady accused a hospital of abusing the lady. The lady also filed a lawsuit against the hospital. She also did a report on the case where a woman was stalked by her ex-lover in the year 2015. Later, the stalker was arrested. 

Due to this covering, the cyberstalking cell in Florida became vigilant and investigated the scene. 

Why did Angela Jacobs die?

The news about Angela’s breast cancer broke in the year 2020 when she informed everyone. She scuffled and grappled with cancer for the past two years. She got momentarily retrieved from her cancer and then she was diagnosed with another health problem in 2020. She also received chemotherapy for the same.