Courts sentence Kevin Spacey to pay 31 million dollars to the makers of House of Cards

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey is now in deep trouble after the courts in Los Angeles order him to pay the hefty amount of 31 million dollars to the makers and creators of the US political thriller the house of cards, which is based on a novel of the same name by Micheal Dobbs, because of the losses that the creators of the show were made to bear after he was alleged to have been sexually harassing the crew members on and off set, for which he was removed and fired from the show, Judge Mel Red Recana from the Superior court of Los Angeles, who had been presiding over the case, ruled in favor of the MRC and other companies which had a hand in creating the popular show for Netflix. Micheal Kump, the lawyer representing the collective of the studios, in a statement to the Associated Press, stated that the studios are quite pleased with the judgment, Kevin Spacey, however, has long maintained that such allegations leveled against him were baseless and false.

What was the controversy with Kevin Spacey?

Back in the year 2217, when the MeToo moment was gaining momentum and was rapidly rising on the internet, Kevin Spacey had been caught in the storm that pulled a lot of them in its wake, Kevin had been accused of sexually harassing people, by multiple individuals, this lead to the career of the 63-year-old to a grinding halt, first, he was removed the series House of cards and various other projects, in the house of cards, Kevin Spacey was playing the lead role of the show, Frank Underwood who was an ambitious and power-hungry politician who had paved his way to the position of the president of the united states of America, the sixth season of the show, the original length of which was decided as 13 episodes but it had to be scrapped and adjusted to only 8 episodes thanks to allegations on Spacey, this change in plans brought the studios a lot of damage in the form of losses.