Controversial Internet Fame Andrew Tate now banned from Facebook and Instagram

Andrew Tate controversial comments

Former professional fighter and current internet sensation Andrew Tate was recently made to suffer a ban from the platforms of Facebook and Instagram, in particular, the apps which come under the banner of Meta, the profile of Andrew Tate had been removed from both the platforms on account that he has seemingly violated the policies that govern the platforms of Instagram and Facebook, it is said that he has associations with people that are best described as dangerous in nature and that the sway and influence he holds over the men, especially young men who have begun to follow his line of thought and process in large numbers, Andrew’s rise to fame had been in the year of 2016, roughly 6 years back, when he had been invited to join the reality TV show Big Brother, he was made to leave after videos of him were leaked on the internet in which he could be clearly seen engaging in physical assault against a woman, next year, his controversial remarks about rape victims had led him to be banned from the microblogging platform of twitter, recently the podcasts of andrew tate have gained a large popularity among the men on the internet, his videos indulge in men’s development but sometimes plunge into the more extreme end of chauvanism, in fact, in one of the youtube videos he appeared, Andrew had openly said that he has no problems in being labelled as a misogynist, he maintains that his worldview follows the realist ideology.

Andrew Tate on being banned from Facebook and Instagram

Andrew Tate, who is currently a very controversial personality on the web and was a well-respected kickboxer back in his day, had his accounts banned from the platforms of Instagram and Facebook, not to mention that he has been banned from the microblogging website of twitter almost five years back thanks to his similar controversial remarks about rape and rape victims, before he was banned by the platform, the former professional, fighter and now millionaire Andrew Tate boasted around 4.7 million followers on instagram.