Jason Momoa talks about his 2011 film ‘Conan the Barbarian.’ and calls it a pile of shit.

Jason Momoa Slams

We all know and love Jason Momoa for his roles like Khal Drogo in the game of thrones and Aquaman from the DC cinematic universe, recently, as a part of an interview with the British GQ, Jason Momoa opened up about his experience of working in the remake of the 1982 movie titled Conan the Barbarian, the remake in which, Jason Momoa portrayed the titular lead role of the sword-wielding and muscular man, Jason talked about how he had been a part of works in the cinema that went on to become really awful and almost made him regret working on them, he claimed that Conan the barbarian was one such project, which started off as a great project according to him, but by the end of it, became a huge pile of shit, if the words of the Aquaman actor are to be quoted. The film did begin its conception on unstable grounds, at first the studio Warner Bros had the rights for the film but they were unable to make any progress with it, so the film was then passed into the hands of Lionsgate, and even the directors had troubled and finally, Markus Nispel was called in from Germany to sail the boat of this remake of the original films of the 80s starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Jason talked about how during the early years of his career, how he did not have much say in the directorial part of the film, he was just supposed to act his part and leave, it was out of his hands that the film went shitty.

Jason Momoa

The upcoming movies of Jason Momoa

If the report made by the sources is to be trusted, then in the tenth installment of the fast and furious series, Jason Momoa is all set to play as a Villain, while he will be seen again in the shoes of the Aquaman as he returns to the DC expanded universe in the second installment of his hit film , titled Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.