All the details about the Black Adam villain Sabbac revealed

Black Adam villain revealed

Credit: WB

Who would have guessed, that we’ll get to see the villain of the black adam movie, through a toy, yes the DC movie had long been in talks of everyone since it has hidden and concealed its villain for quite some time, however now it seems that we have got our first look at villain from black adam, and fans are really excited, to know more about it read ahead.

Black Adam movie and its arrival

As fans of superhero movies we all know that we crave for something new each and every time, so while we may have a long list of superhero movies that will hit the big screens this year, we all are particularly waiting for the Black Adam, and our beloved Dwayne the Rock Johnson will be playing the DC character, if you have read the comics, then you know chances are that the Black Adam will be seen in a villainous role in the movie.

Although the plot and the list of characters have been guarded as a well-kept secret, all we know as of now is that the Black Adam will hit the big screens in October.

The villain of black adam

Now that only few months are left for the release of the black adam film, we still have no confirmation who will be opposing the rock as the villain in black adam might be played by marwen Kanzari.

The character antagonist is being guessed as Sabbac, the toy recently revealed by the DCEU, Sabbac has been the arch enemy to Black Adam and has also clashed with Shazam in the comics.

This villain has the power of numerous strong demons inside him and is tough challenge for our heroes.