Fact Check: Do you think Avril Lavigne is pregnant?

Avril Lavigne

Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Another buzz created on social media is added to the list. Now rumours of Avril Lavigne being pregnant are added. This happened due to the dress that she wore, which created the illusion. On social media, every hour new hype is created and thus female stars being pregnant is also a usual one. Every female celebrity receives these rumours at least once in their career. This occurred before she officially declared her relationship with Mod Sun. Mod Sun is the fiancé of Avril Lavigne.  

About Avril Lavigne and her personal affair

Anything can’t be escaped from the eyes of the paparazzi. The personal lives of several celebrities are exposed by the media whether it is good or bad. You can’t leave the current buzz of Avril Lavigne. She is always the topic of discussion due to multiple reasons. Nowadays she is in the limelight because of her relationship status on social media. 

Avril Lavigne has found her loved one in Mod Sun. Both got engaged this year in 2022. According to their statements of Avril, she received the best proposal that anyone can have for spending a lifetime with anyone. However, her rumours of pregnancy are also buzzing around.  


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Is Avril really expecting a child?

There are various rumours about celebrities being pregnant. Some are true while some are there for hype. These are false news that is circulated. It came into the limelight after her engagement with Mod Sun. Rumours are there that Avril and Mod Sun are going to have a child in their life. They will be welcoming their child this year. 

Do you believe in this news too? Well, don’t believe in this news as it’s false news. Both Avril and Mod Sun remained silent on this rumour of being pregnant. Both social media pages are also not at all hinting towards them expecting a child or anything related to Avril’s pregnancy. On this basis, we can’t just say she is pregnant. Hence, Avril Lavigne is not pregnant. 


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Why Rumoured begin about Avril being pregnant?

Many rumours of celebrities being pregnant including Hailey Bieber, occurred when she was attending an award event due to her loose gown. A similar thing happened with Avril too. Her latest picture was very different from her usual ones. This ignited the fire that she can be pregnant. However, nothing is yet proved.