Murder Of Robert Lecompte Back In Headlines

Robert LeCompte murder

Image via Investigation Discovery

Oxygen’s drama Murdered by Morning is featuring the Robert LeCompte that took place in 2009, while the case when it happened was the hot topic in the news, it appears that Oxygen’s drama is going to reveal a lot more and dive deeper in the details of the murder.

What Is The Robert LeCompte Murder Case?

Robert was a gay bartender and manager at the drama Club from Louisiana, while everyone adored him at the workplace, former colleague Jorell Young wasn’t so fond him, in the early hours of the Chritsmas morning, Robert’s lifeless bosy was found drowned in his own blood at the club he was employed at, it created a lot of hype back then and the police was on the hot trail.

The solution of Robert LeCompte murder

Jorell’s ex-girlfriend Darkus Baker came out as a Major witness, she told he police how Jorell admitted to the murder when he came home and gave her a bloody shirt to hide, presumably his carrying the evidence him for the murder, soon the police caught scent of him and he was arrested and was fated to suffer life sentence.

The Drama of Robert LeCompte murder

Oxygen is soon release a drama called murdered by morning which will feature the storyline of Robert Lecompte, it claims to throw new light on the case