Why is Bria Bryant facing criticism? What is Love Island USA?

Love Island USA

When we talk about series then Love Island USA is surely added to the list. It has always been a most watched show. This new season, season 4 is also lovely. The islanders are always intrigued about the member who dropped a bombshell. The same is implied to Bria Bryant in the episode of Friday. 

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Bria Bryant shocked fans in the series Love Island the USA

Bryce Fins and Jeff Christain are the two newbies who joined the team. They both joined the cast on 29th July 2022. After Jeff made a direct hit on Zeta Morrison, tables were turned. Zeta Morrison’s former partner, Timmy was furious and envious at the same time. Along with that fans were also stunned by the behavior that Timmy’s partner. Love Islands viewers were not able to understand why Timmy’s current partner praised Jeff. Moreover, she also said he is the type of person she wants. She was the person who forced Zeta to go into the dumping zone. This was because she chose Timmy when there was a recoupling phase going on. This made all the viewers sad and disappointed with her. Her new game was seen where she was more inclined toward the way of Jeff. She had a strong attraction toward Zeta. This created a buzz among people which intrigued and disappointed the people at the same time. People are eager to know what will happen next. 

Intervention made by Bria Bryant 

Before Jeff and Bryce, the amazing Bria with her brother Chazz has an entry. They created a buzz just after their arrival. They divided the two couples immediately after they made the entry. They made a barrier between them when they reached the resort and both sparked turmoils. They both played their game very well with Bria intervening between Timmy and Zeta’s relationship. On the other hand, there was a dismantling created by Chazz between Tyler and Sereniti’s relationship. This created a nice fight between the couple Zeta and Bria and eventually led to the breakup between them. 


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There was wholesome support for Bria and Timmy from the Love Island USA viewers. 

The viewers were shaken when they saw that she is showing her affection toward Jeff. 

This went to an extent that she even admitted that he was her type of boy to Timmy.


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