Philanthropist Diana Jenkins Under Fire After She Passes Racial Comments Against A Woman Of Color. 

Diana Jenkins

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Entrepreneur and philanthropist Diana Jenkins finds herself under fire from the netizens after she made some distasteful and racial remarks for a woman of color who also happens to run a fan page of Bravo on the social media Instagram, although she has apologized already for it, she also has recently joined the TV show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Jenkins Has Made An Apology For Her Racially Distasteful Comments On Bravo Fan. 

Diana, after realizing how much flak she has drawn because of her insensitive remark, quickly made a move to issue an apology and a explanation that surely smells badly of cover up, in the statement issued from her end, she said how what she said was misunderstood, and how when using the term ‘black content creator’ she actually wanted to refer to the pages that create ‘snarky’ content, she was very sorry and did not that how the word black could be taken in the wrong way and would refer to the race of the woman, Diana claims that she had no knowledge that how the word black used in her sentence could refer to something racially distasteful.


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What Was The Actual Feud That Led To Diana Jenkins Making Racial Comments Againsts A Woman Of Color?

Kristen Dionne, also known better with her online username philly diva, had shared a post in which it featured very old pictures of Jenkins went on to describe how the entrepreneur has changed over the years.

This was the catalyst for the controversy that dragged Jenkins into the mud. In the middle of the heated debate, Jenkins said how poor it must feel to be a ‘black content creator.’

This led to Jenkins facing the wrath of the netizens.

The Fans React To Jenkins Racially Inappropriate Comments 

Many fans hinted at the fact that how she and her image in the media is ruined forever, hinting at her being cancelled in the coming near future, others went to say how she was a white supremacist all this time and how this actually brought her to light.