TikTok: Tiktok’s First Drink Vs Last Drink Trend

Tiktok’s First Drink Vs Last Drink Trend


Tiktok is a place that can even make the most ridiculous of things go viral, a simple dance move can reach millions and its actually that random, with a large growth in popularity for the app, these trends are copied by a large audience, and like one of many, we have the first drink vs last drink trend.

What Is The ‘First Drink Vs Last Drink’ Trend And How It Began

You can already guess that this trend has gone viral by the fact that it has over 9 million views on the original video and well about a million likes.

@nievejones_ Wedding antics, last one is the best 😂 #ElectrifyTheMini #firstandlastselfiechallenge #wedding #firstdrink ♬ original sound – Nievejones_

So very different from the other trends that go viral on tiktok, it doesn’t involve any dancing or lip syncing to a song, but simply showcasing your first drink of the night and the last one,. You also show yourself while doing this, your own condition during the first drink and the drastic changes that occur in between.

The Users Reaction on ‘First Drink Vs Last Drink’

@hallieeeexx First and last drinks 😂 #fyp #wedding #drunkaf ♬ original sound – Hallie.

This trend is quite different from what actually goes viral on tiktok, everyone loved it and enjoyed being a part of, making short videos featuring themselves and their family members, people added hilarious effects to it to increase the fun manifolds