Exploring The Networth Of Paul Haggis After Another Round Of Rape Accusations

Paul Haggis


Previous Sunday ended sourly for Oscar winning screenwriter Paul Haggis after he was detained by the law enforcement authorities of Italy on the charges of sexual assault, an anonymous female accused Paul of trying to force himself on her for two days in Ostuni, the million dollar baby was scheduled to take master classes with fellow directors Edward Norton and Micheal Nozik at the Allora fest that is scheduled to be held in the coming week.

This type of allegation is not something new for Paul, he has history of such allegations, multiple over the course of the past years have moved against him for sexual misconduct, in 2017, the PR professional Haleigh Breest sued him for allegedly raping her in New York in 2013, another three woman went ahead filed similar charges against him the next year.

Paul maintains how all these allegations are false.

He also has some history with the church of scientology which he left after a conflict with the church when they accused him of having homophobic attitude by voicing against same sex marriage in California.

Director Paul Haggis Marital History

Paul Haggis had been married twice already in his 69 year old life, in the April of 1977, Paul married his first wife Diana Christine, although after 17 years of marriage the couple decided to part their ways in 1994.

Paul decided to marry again when he tied the knot with actress Deborah Richards in the June of 1997, although this marriage was also not successful because Paul and Richards divorced in 2016 and went their ways, Richards is best known for portraying Sly Lovegren in the film Dallas.

paul haggis

Credit: John Shearer/Invision/AP and IMDB

Paul Haggis Networth

After his first blockbuster in the form of Million Dollar Baby, Paul had bought a new home in Santa Monica for roughly around 2.4 million $, he also bought an apartment in New York with a value of 4 million $, his Santa Monica house was sold at 2 million $ and his continuous trips to courts and law chambers had costed him around another 2 Million


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