TikTok: Why are people calling for the ban of Sam Poster on TikTok? Who is this new viral TikTok user?



TikTok has been the hub for viral content since 2016. It has also helped a number of superstars, like Dixie D’Amelio & Charlie , Addison Rae, and others, grow their careers. MrPancake343, who has over 147 million views on his hashtag, is an example of how the site may help ‘anonymous’ manufacturers gain popularity through the use of a hashtag. On social media, Sam Postar is currently trending, with many people requesting that he be removed off the network. 

Here’s all we know about TikToker, including why he’s become so popular.

The most intriguing element of Sam is that his TikTok account is private, despite the fact that he has almost three million followers. Furthermore, the hashtag ‘sampostar’ has nearly 9 million views and is filled with videos with the remark. 

“How is @SamPostar not banned?”

One person shared a video that appears to clarify the situation. According to reports, the TikToker initiated the whole thing when he uploaded a video to his account.

“Tryna get viral on TikTok?” it asks. Make a video explaining why @sampostar isn’t banned. We’ve had over 4 million views from folks who are doing this with no following. “Best of luck.”


When did Sam start his TikTok journey?

We can’t utilize an analytics tracking tool like Socialblade to check how long Sam has been active on TikTok because his account is set to private. However, based on the videos that have been shared with his hashtag, Sam’s idea looks to have been traveling around the site for roughly a week now. His idea proved to be life-changing for people who has zero followers as well as for him who instantly came into the limelight after the trend went viral