Kanye West to introduce the yeezy gap line in Times Square Store.

Yeezy Gap

Credit: Getty Images

The retail store of the very famous clothing company Gap, located in Times Square, will become the first store that will have the Yeezy Gap line of products, launched in collaboration with the American singer Kayne west, soon the product will be available in some of the other stores of the company all over the territory of the United States of America.

Yeezy gap line of clothes to be introduced in times square

  The Wednesday that just went by, it was revealed to the public that the Yeezy gap line, a new range of products that will be launched as a collaboration between the singer Kayne West and the clothing company Gap, the line of products will first debut in the store of Gap in the Times Square of New York, soon after the Yeezy gap line of clothing will be made available in some of the stores across the United States of America.

An event has been planned for the launch on the 21st of July, it will commence at 10 in the morning, if the reports from the press are to believed then the new line of clothing will incorporate the utility and practicality smoothly with fashion and style, the arrival of the Yeezy gap line of products will complete the agenda of the company to push the sales of the Yeezy on a much larger scale.


Credit: GettyIMages

The collaboration between kayne West and Gap

Apparently this won’t be the first time the singer Kayne West come together for a collab, they have had a shared history from the days when the now famous singer Kayne West was a mere college dropout and had worked as an employee in the stores of Gap, the collaboration between Kayne West and Gap been revealed roughly two years back, in the summer of 2020   


Credit: GettyIMages

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