Dragon Ball super anime to return in 2023, Twitter Explained

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Toei Animation/Funimation Films

If you are a fan of Dragon Ball, then your wait for them to drop something new is over, as the franchise returns with a Dragonball Super Anime, as an insider made public some details of it, and if you haven’t got your hands on them already, then don’t worry, we’ve got you all covered, read ahead to get to know important details.

The release date for Dragon Ball Super Anime

Dragonball is a franchise that has been part of the childhood for many of us, and it has been provided to the fans in multiple adaptations and forms, now the fans are all hyped up since it is a high possibility that we will be getting an Anime from the Dragon ball universe in the coming time, although the exact date of release remains unknown, it is confirmed that the anime will drop in the coming year of 2023, we have this information thanks to the efforts of DBSchronicles.

What to expect in the Dragon Ball Super Anime?

If the words of the insider DBSchronicles are to be trusted, then the episodes for the Dragon Ball super Anime, are in production and will be released in a weekly format, it is also expected that the Super Anime will be set after the Universe Survival arc of the dragon ball franchise, while everyone is going nuts trying to guess the plot and story arc of the series many are pondering over the question that whether the series will continue the Dragon Ball Super Broly arc or not, although we have no confirmation on what will be the story.

Fans react to the news of Dragon Ball Super Anime

With a hint of a new series from the Dragon ball franchise, the fans appear very pleased and cant seem to wait to get their eyes on it, though most of the details are yet to get an official nod from the developers and creators.