All details about Dr. Martens x Betty Boop collection

Dr. Martens x Betty Boop

All details about Dr. Martens x Betty Boop collection

Renowned fashion designer Dr Martens has shook hands with the famous cartoon character Betty Boop, while this wont be the first time that someone from the fashion industry collaborates with cartoon characters, here is all we know about the grand collab between betty boop and Dr martens 

Line of product for Dr martens x betty Boop 

We all know about the excellent quality of Dr martens and its line of products, although now it is going to be even more unique as the fashion designer is joining hands with Betty Boop, we by know that this collection will have four products for you to pick from, out of the 4, 3 of them are footwear while the remaining one product is a sachel bag.


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What is in the Dr martens x Betty Boop collection

Dr Martens being an iconic fashion designer and Betty Boop being a famous cartoon figure seems a perfect marriage, as of now we know, to begin with the first in line we have Jadon boots and then we have a pair of 1461 quad shoes and another pair being a Clarissa II Quad sandal

The jadon boots have an excellent looking black leather upper, while the 1461 is given a similar look to the boot with yellow stitchings adding to the charm, while the Clarissa Sandal is a white coloured sandal made of vegan leather, while the final item in the range of products is the leather sachel is a complete black with red hearts studded on it to complete the theme of the cartoon character they are collaborating with, Betty Boop.

Where to get your hands on Dr Martens x Betty Boop collection?

The Dr martens x Betty Boop collection can be bought from the official site of Dr Martens, the Jaden boot will start from 189 to 230 euros, while the quad shoes begin from 159 to 195 euros, the sandals will start from 139 to 170 euros while the satchel will start from 75 to 92 euros.