Youtuber Carlos And Wife Clarify The Fans After An Old Footage Of Him Pushing Her To The Ground.

Carlos Feria and Adriana Valcarcel


The youtuber couple Carlos Feria and Adriana Valcarcel recently uploaded a video in which both of them jointly released a statement clarifying about the security footage which clearly showed Carlos trying to shove Adriana to the ground, she is seen staggering back a few steps before finally falling on the floor, not to mention, this was act was committed in the presence of their daughter. The couple uploaded a 15 minute long clarification video on Carlos’ Instagram account.

Who Is Carlos Feria?

Carlos, born on 2nd of November in 1997 in a Christian family is a youtuber and content creator hailing from the beautiful country of Columbia in South America, he did his schooling at an international school and went to the Columbian University for higher studies, even as a teenager, Carlos got his hands on a camera and dreamed about vlogging and content creation, around 2015, Carlos began his journey as a youtuber and began uploading lifestyle vlogs, reactions, dance videos and he even attempted humorous content.

He is pretty well known for his habit of dying his colour in various shades ranging from silver blonde to stark blue to bright green among various others, Carlos’ mother, called Stella Guzma who also happens to be in the same of field of social media influencer and content creation like her son, has roughly around 52k followers on her Instagram handle, she also claims that Karen and Natalie Feria share the relationship of sisters with her son Carlos. 

However her social following doesn’t seem much in the comparison to her son who boasts a following of around roughly 7 million people.

His wife, Adriana Valcarcel who boasts a following of 4 million on her Instagram handle, Carlos and Adriana began dating in early 2018 and were engaged in October of the last year, in 2021 only they were blessed with a daughter in November who they named Salome Feria Valcarcel.


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Carlos Apology To His Wife And The Clarification

Carlos and his wife released a joint statement in the video uploaded on his Instagram account where he talked in great detail about how there is actually no excuse for his dishonorable behavior, how he deeply regrets it and apologizes for it.

His wife backed him and said how Carlos actually begged for her forgiveness from the bottom of his heart  


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