“good To See You” Henry Rollins With His Comeback Tour In 2022, All Details Here.

Henry Rollins


A lot of musicians are hitting the road for their music tours, and our own Henry Rollins is one of them as well, returning for the Good to See You tour this year, making a grand come back after a long time, we have compiled every little detail for a Rollin fan like you who wants to see him perform but sorely is lacking the details.

The Good To See You Dates Have Been Officially Annouceed

With a mammoth list of singers and artists scheduling their tours and shows in the coming months, you’ve got a lot to pick from, but as a Henry Rollins fan, you will be glad to know that his tour begins in September, with the first of the many shows scheduled for 14th September, the tour will carry into the next month, till the 12th of October to be specific 

Venues For The Good To See You Tour

Now that you are all armed with the knowledge of the dates of the show of your favorite musician, you must also know the venues of the shows to be there, a full list of the venues corresponding with the dates is available on the official website of Rollins.

The tour is all set to begin on 14th of September in Tarrytown, NY music hall. He’ll be seen in Burlington, Higher Ground on the 15th of the same month, apart from the dates of the tour in October, Henry Rollins will also travel to Hawaii in the November of this year, the 3rd 4th and 5th of November will see Rollins performing at Honolulu, HI blue note Honolulu.

Where To Book The Tickets For Good To See You Tour 2022

Now that you are all set with question of when and where, you should also take notice on where and how to get your tickets for the good to see you tour 2022 of Henry Rollins, the tickets will be available from 16th of June at 10 am local time at his official website Henryrollins.com