Leaked DMs add fuel to the fire as the beef between Cardi B and Bella Poarch continues 

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It looks like Cardi B has now decided to cross all limits in order to push down Bella Poarch in their currently ongoing conflict against each other, beef between two well-known and famous figures is not a very rare occurrence in today’s time, most of these celebrities engage in these so-called beef to increase their following and further their reach in the internet space, recently it appears that Cardi b and Bella Poarch are embroiled in one such beef and Cardi b has leaked her DMs with Bella Poarch on the internet.

What has happened between Bella Poarch and Cardi B?

With each passing day, TikTok sensation and singer Bella Poarch is rapidly rising in fame and name in the music industry as well as in the social space, Cardi B is also a well-recognized musician in her own right, the feud between the two began when Bella Poarch was on a promotional campaign for her newly released Dolls EP series, she in a tweet, while making claims about the quality of her new products, said that the quality of her dolls is better than any album by Cardi B on any given day, Cardi B was infuriated at such a comparison and insult to her and her art, in response to this tweet by Bella Poarch, Cardi B struck back by revealing her DMs with Bella Poarch.

What was in Cardi B’s DM with Bella Poarch?

it was clear as day that Cardi wasn’t happy one bit at the comparison drawn by Bella Poarch in her tweets, while reacting to this, Cardi decided not to hold back and lash out at Bella Poarch in a different way, she took a screenshot of her DMs with Bella Poarch where she could be seen telling how she is an admirer of the music by Cardi B, this raises the question that whether she ever actually liked Cardi’s music.