Taylor Swift texted a Message to Nikki Glaser

Taylor Swift texted a Message to Nikki Glaser

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Taylor Swift, the well-known artist who is usually lovely to her fans, has sent Nikki Glaser a very sweet note. While Nikki Glaser isn’t as well-known as Taylor Swift, she does have a following. Swift’s statement, on the other hand, would have made her feel extra special. What was Taylor Swift’s message to Nikki Glaser, though?


Nikki Glaser, who is she?


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Nicole Rene Glaser is Nikki Glaser’s true name. She is well-known in the United States as a comedian, podcast host, actor, and television personality, among other things. Not Safe With Nikki was the title of one of her most well-known series. While she has a sizable following on social media. Her Instagram account has a following of 856k people.

However, she is best known for her work as a host and actor. She’s getting a lot of attention these days because of a meeting she had with Taylor Swift, the legendary star singer. Yes, the singer sent Nikki Glaser a beautiful message, and here’s what she had to say about it.


Taylor Swift sends Nikki Glaser a nice message.


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Nikki talked about her DM experiences with some of the celebrities during the Down In The DM series. Taylor and her companions appeared to be too slim in Miss Americana, according to Nikki. This was owing to the singer’s eating disorder.

Taylor Swift herself sent Nikki a message, according to Nikki. That was a pretty nice gesture on her behalf. “I’m very sad to hear that you’ve struggled with some of the same things I’ve fought with,” Taylor wrote in the comments on Nikki’s post. I’m sending a big hug.”

Nikki’s reaction to Taylor Swift’s beautiful note

While Taylor’s gesture of sending love to her admirer Nikki Glaser was certainly unexpected and lovely. When asked if she can DM Taylor Swift again, she said no. Nikki stated categorically that she would never do such a thing again.


She claimed that the singer had a lot on her plate and that she no longer has to worry about her. Glaser, on the other hand, recalls performing a DM to Eminem. He, on the other hand, never responded to her. She did, however, receive a hilarious DM from NBA player Blake Griffin.


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