Sarah Michelle Gellar to star in Wolf pack, the spin off of the teen wolf

Sarah Michelle Gellar

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As it appears, actress Sarah Michelle Gellar is now swapping her roles as vampires in favor of werewolves, you heard it right, Sarah Michelle Gellar is now the part of Wolf Pack, a spin-off of the show teen wolf, she will be starring in it and will also be involved behind the scenes in the capacity of an executive producer.

Sarah Michelle Gellar to be seen in Wolf pack, the spin-off for teen wolf

The universe of Teen Wolf is expanding rapidly, including new storylines and characters, apparently one of the new entries in this universe is Sarah Michelle Gellar, who will be seen starring in the spin-off for the teen wolf series, Wolf pack, she had made her presence known at the teen wolf comic con panel at San Diego, the actress, who had previously been seen in show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, took to her social media to reveal to the public that she will soon be a part of the growing lore and universe of Teen Wolf. 

The role of Sarah Michelle Gellar in the spin-off for teen wolf, wolf pack

With what we know already, if the sources are to be believed, then the role of Sarah Michelle Gellar will be of an arson investigator and she will be called Kristin Ramsey, she is an expert and top dog of her field and has been scarred by personal loss in the past, the series teen wolf and its upcoming spin off wolf pack is inspired by the novels of Edo Von Belkom, which first established the universe of the teen wolf, in the series, the character is called in by authorities to look deeper into a wild forest fire, apart from appearing in front of the camera as an actress, she will also be acting as executive producers .     


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