23 Year Old Woman From Loveland Found Safe After Missing Two Days

Alicia Kenny


A twenty three year old with the name of Alicia Kenny hailing from Loveland Ohio was found safe and secure after she went missing for over two days, her bag had her phone cash and her name on it, it is also mentioned how she had contacted someone the night she went missing following a walk she took.

According to the official reports, Alicia was found safe and secure in Symmes township last Wednesday, her family maintained that she went missing two days earlier after what is believed to be a harmless stroll, claims the fire department of Symmes township.

Quoting the Ohio Police department “After Alicia Kenny was discovered safe and unharmed, she was immediately given into the custody of her family, the police department of Loveland would like express their gratitude to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Sheriff’s office of Hamilton County, the officers involved worked long hours despite difficulties to bring Alicia safely to her family”  

Alicia’s Last Appearance Before Going Missing

Alicia was last seen when she went out for the stroll, the law enforcement were able to find her bag which contained her phone, cash and her name on it, it was deduced that she is missing, and she remained so until Wednesday.

Alicia Kenny’s Backpack Discovered

Alicia’s mother, Marcy Kenny revealed that her daughter lives with her grandparents, and how she would go for such strolls very often when she would go to draw or write in a nearby public parks, a mail man on his duty found Alicia’s bag, this is when everyone realized that Alicia has gone missing since her mother claims that her daughter is very pious and has never been to leave her house without her bible, which is always in her backpack with her, everybody was terrified earlier, but now that Alicia has been found and with her family.