Has Eminem Dissed Amber Heard In His Latest Track?


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The controversial defamation trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has finally came to an end, but the public isn’t showing any signs to forget about it anytime soon, the internet is flooded with memes and ill meaning jokes by one side on the other.

Recently, a diss track titled Amber was released on a youtube channel called lil Byte, and it is reportedly sung by the legendary Musician Eminem.

Did Eminem Really Made The Track?

The track appeared on the net after it was uploaded by lil Byte and it easily got around 33 thousand views in a matter of two days, the lyrics of the song bear the signature style of Eminem brutality which includes curses and vulgarity.

The lyrics attack her about lying in the court and actually trying fake tears to gain sympathy, the song instantly had the love from audience but what was actually surprising that the rapper did not made the song.

If Not Eminem Then Who?

The about section on Lil Byte’s Channel clearly mention that how he synthesizes the rapper’s voice and that content he makes is solely his own creation.


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Is It The Only Muscial Attack On Heard?

A song by the name of Hallelujah was released on a Youtube channel going by the name of deppjohnny056, many thought it was sung by the Jack Sparrow Star himself, but in real it was made by singer-lyricist Ethan Bortnick.

Billie Ellish also possibly hinted at the reference of the famous trial in one of her concerts