American politician AOC was slammed by the internet for acting like she was arrested

Credit: Kent Nishimura/Getty and Twitter/RepMTG


An American Activist and democrat party politician known as the AOC was slammed by social media users for pretending to be arrested by law enforcement for media clout and attention

Police escorted AOC outside the courthouse

On the 19th of July, the democrat politician and self-styled activist AOC had been found trying to impede the process of the traffic outside the supreme court of the united states near Capitol Hill, in the videos which are circulating online, we can see AOC and Carolyn Maloney being led outside by a police officer, we can see AOC who is grinning and had held her hands back behind her waist, which made her look as if she was handcuffed, she then pumped her fist in the air to the crowd of the cheering protestors, then she once again brought her hands behind her back, although as we clearly saw she was only pretending to be handcuffed, the video which went viral has roughly around 7.2 million views, although many have said that she was trying to control the narrative and was trying to manipulate the protestors who are demonstrating for a serious cause.

Praise for the actions of AOC

While the reaction to the publicity stunt committed was mostly negatively received by the public, some of the internet users took to the social media to applaud the actions of the democrat politician, they defended her by saying that she was merely protesting against the tyrannical move of overturning of roe wade and that too by peaceful methods.