How to check views on the Tiktok account in 2022?

how to see who views your TikTok profile in 2022?

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Tiktok has always been a popular app and despite being related to various controversies and being banned in several countries, the love the app has from people around the world says it all, with the app being so popular, people are always looking for a new feature to explore, many of the other platforms of social media sometimes offer a feature that allows users to see who has visited and viewed their profile, sometime back this feature was also available on the video sharing platform of TikTok but is this feature still available to the users of the application now in the year 2022?

The huge user base of Tiktok 

The video sharing platform of tiktok, over the years has gathered a massive base of users from all around the globe, as of what we know at the moment, the number of users of the application of tiktok go well over in billions, so large a number of users also promises a variety of content, sometimes, people tend to share things that are ridiculously funny to absolutely serious and at other times they are creator of trends that go cross platform and are loved and tried by all, the app offered a variety of features to the users, from the profile related ones to the filters available to try, the features had been fun loving and useful that hooked the users, however a feature of being able to view who had checked out your profile on tiktok once existed, however later it was soon removed from the platform by its developers, with the updates that the app got over time, the feature was dubbed as gone missing without much notification from the developers, but this has been worked around by some users who try to run older versions of the app and enable this feature.