Casey Bloys, the content chief of HBO talks about new strategy for the production house

Casey Bloys, the content chief of HBO

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Credit: Variety

Previous afternoon, the content chief of HBO send a memo on the way of his employees detailing how the brand will be undergoing a phase of restructure in order to bring about the necessary improvements, it also gave details about how the company is removing 70 of its employ from service, which accounts roughly for about 14% of its work force, such drastic moves are coming after there had been a change in leadership at the helm of affairs of Warner Bros, which in an attempt to cut costs for the multi brand franchise, has decided let off many of their superhero movies under the banner of the DC universe, he quoted the new CEO David Zaslav, who talked about how the environment of operations is changing rapidly and they must adapt to a new business model if they are to keep up with time, the decision which said thatr discovery plus and HBO Max, the streaming platforms of the company, will be merged into one single banner as to cut costs, the merge will begin around next year and the details for it have already been discussed and formalized, these crucial factors were also quoted in the memo.

What did the HBO Chief Cassey Bloys say in the memo to his employees

The memo which cassey Bloys sent to the employees opened with his statement appreciating the workers for their dedication, hard work, truthfulness and devotion to the company from their end, he mentioned how these are the people that actually make the company and roll out such good productions for the audience to enjoy, he talked about how the team has overcome a long list of obstacles and challenges yet all of them stood strong amidst those and carried and did well in the company, he also talked about it is because of such workers the company has rolled out productions that have over 140 Emmy Nominations.