How did Machine gun respond to the person who vandalized his tour?

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On Thursday, Machine Gun Kelly received homophobic insults. This incident happened during his bus tour when someone yelled it. Machine Gun is addressing the culprit, who is behind the Thursday vandalization of the tour bus in Nebraska. Kelly whose real name is Colson Baker addressed the culprit by posting a message on his Instagram Id. The message read you could not commit a crime properly, adding to that, the culprit is stupid. You chose the wrong bus when you decided to spray-paint it. It is the wrong bus, you fu….. Moron. You misidentify the vehicle. You should have done the crime right from the start. 

Recently on Thursday, the culprit spray painted a penis on one of the sides of the tour bus along with that homophobic epithet on the other side. 

What did Machine Gun Kelly post?

Machine Gun Kelly posted pictures of his tour bus on his Instagram accounts story. He did it before going to Omaha, Nebraska. With the photographs of the van, which was of multiple colors, he said, Bring the power rangers to the Omaha. The machine kept mentioning the anonymous culprit of this Thursday incident. Machine Gun Kelly said you (suspect) waited till 5 in the morning to spray paint my bus. You want to paint a d… , as I was on my bus till 4:30 am. Instead of doing something at your place like cuddling with your partner, you were wishing for something else. God da.., I wish the star go up to his hotel room so that I (suspect)can paint his di.., you di..   

Who is the suspect behind this vandalization?

The whole incident of spray painting the Machine Gun’s tour bus was very offensive. As per Kelly, the spray paint was washed off from the bus before he saw it. The police was informed about teh whole incident outside the Farnam Hotel during the first flush of the thursday morning. As per the reports by the local news source KETV. Noone is identified to be the suspect as if now. 

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