BTS is now appointed as the Official Global Ambassador for World Expo 2030



Even after the announcement of their so-called pause from group work, the famous K-pop band BTS has once again got their name in the headlines, as they are chosen to be the global ambassadors for the world expo 2030 that will be held in Busan, they were officially ordained as the ambassadors at the Hybe Corporate Park in the Yongsan district of the South Korean capital city of Seoul, they were also awarded plaques that confirmed their honor of being the global ambassadors of the world expo that will be held in Busan in the year 2030. The fan base of the K-pop band, who prefer to call themselves Army, had been displaying and sharing the news with pride. It is also worth noticing that the concert of the k pop band BTS has a concert planned for October of 2022.

BTS now a global ambassadors for World Expo 2030 

At the beginning of this month, July of this year, Hybe had made the intentions public of declaring members of the BTS as the global ambassadors of the world Expo 2030, since then the fans of the K-pop band have been going nuts and can’t seem to control their excitement, with what we know already, there’s more stuff planned for the BTS of the rest of the year as they will be performing in a lot of promotional activities in and around Busan until the month of October this year. The band has also expressed that they are honored to be chosen as the global ambassadors for the world expo 2030, they said that they will uphold the pride of the nation and will continue to further the agenda of the South korean Nation  .