On Kayak Video, Humpback Whale Swallows Women. Explained

Humpback Whale Swallows Women

Photo by: Auscape/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

A video of was traumatizing event has recently gone viral online. The video showcases a humpback whale swallowing a few women. The video is of Kayak, Avila Beach in California which is becoming trending nowadays. This is the scenario that came to light now. The video footage is expected to be of November 2020. Recently it has been going on rounds and rounds online. However, the video has scared the wits of several online users. 

This happened after the Humpback whale emerges. The whale arrives from the ocean in a shady video. 

Humpback Whale swallows Women video explanation 

There are multiple shots taken of the interaction between both women and the humpback whale. The two women were observed to be in a yellow Kayak in the video when the incident took place. Melissa Newman, on 3rd November 2020 a Twitter user posted this video online.  The incident took place when the humpback whale opened her mouth wide open and immediately materializes through the air, where women were seen pedaling to the mouth. 

When the unfortunate event took place there were several more people presented in the water. Julie McSorley and Liz Cottriel are the two women who were caught in the incident. These are the identities of the women who were swallowed by the creature according to the footage. This was one viewpoint there was another viewpoint too. This was the second perspective which was shot from another camera; however, it gave a similar result. 

According to a few social media users, the humpback whale swallowed the women first, and then after some time, it spits out the women. After some time, the incident went online and become trending. Many people believed that the story was wrongly labelled as footage. It is not at all true, it is very distant from reality. 

Why did the fake news spread?

A Facebook video was uploaded online with a caption that ignited the rumors. The caption stated A humpback whale swallowed two girls in California. This spread the hearsay where it stated that the women were swallowed before spitting them out. The women were almost the food for the whale, the caption continues. 

The viewpoint of the video stated that the woman fell into the mouth of the whale. However, in reality they fell into the water, not into the mouth of a whale. The reports of CNN in 2020 stated that women, fortunately, managed to escape from the whale.