Youtuber Moriah Elizabeth reveals she is a mother now

 YouTuber Moriah Elizabeth

Youtuber and Content Moriah Elizabeth went public about the news that she has entered parenthood by being a mother.

Moriah shares that she is a mother now.

In an 11-minute-long video she shared on the video-sharing and streaming app youtube, Moriah Elizabeth revealed that she is a mother, she had been keeping quiet about this news for a very long time and recently decided to go public with the information.

Moriah Elizabeth, who boasts a large follower base of roughly around 7.6 million subscribers on Youtube, shared in a video that she is a mother to a very cute 10-month-old daughter, she said that she found out about the pregnancy at the near end of 2020, while she does have future plans of having kids, the pregnancy was a big surprise even for her.

She also went on to talk about why she kept the news of her daughter a well-guarded secret for so long, she told that she was anxious about how would everyone feel about and she kept putting it on the back burner thinking that the fans would wonder why did she not reveal it sooner, she said that she had no intention of deceiving anyone and that she hopes that her fans will understand and won’t be angry at her.

She also talked in length about the difficulties she faced while parenting a baby girl due to her lifestyle as a YouTuber, she refrained from mentioning the name of her daughter and said that she won’t feature her in any of the videos upload to protect the child’s privacy.

Who is Moriah Elizabeth?

The youtube career of Moriah Elizabeth began back in 2010, in the month of august of that year to be more specific, she began her journey with uploading blog themed videos and later shifted to making content related to DIY and squishy toys, she married Jordan since she was 19 and is an American national.