Who was the person whose hair was grabbed by Cardi B? The security guard went viral on TikTok. 

Cardi B

Cardi B

Who is not aware of Cardi B? She is a heartthrob for lakhs of people. Cardi B is one of the top stars who captures everyone’s heart just by performing. She has been trending various times. She again became a trending part when she grabbed the hair of a TikToker. She is now going viral on TikTok where she grabbed the hair at a festival. Both Cardi B and TikToker boy had a small conversation where she touched the hair of the TikTok. Now the people are jealous of the TikToker, they are envious now. 

Who was the TikToker with whom Cardi B had a conversation?

Cardi B has millions of fans and has given multiple iconic songs to the music industry. She has an amiable nature and is always at first due to her amazing nature everyone falls in love with Cardi B again and again. This came true at Wireless Festival where she was giving her performance. 

She was performing at the Wireless Festival that took place in London. This was the place where she interacted with the TikToker boy. Her amazing nature is so sweet that she even touched the security guard’s hair while having a conversation. However, this was a very brief moment of both talking. However, as per the video, this made the day for the guard as he was smiling. This video of a security guard went viral and is becoming trending. 

What is the video going viral?

However, based on how much we have evaluated, the TikToker was not active before on the TikTok. It was after Cardi B has touched the hair of the Security Guard.  After his conversation with Cardi B, he became an active user of TikTok. He is seen posting multiple funny videos on the platform. The person who went viral is from the United Kingdom, where the Wireless Festival took place. 


The id of the viral TikToker is @Officialfetch_. It has become so popular that it got more than 1.6 million views and is expected more. He also shared on the video how he felt about the time he spends with Cardi B. He thanked Cardi B for grabbing his hair. 

Some fans of Cardi B wrote that they are envious of the security guard. Some wrote they want to spend that moment with Cardi B.