PSY’s return single to feature BTS Suga as a producer

BTS Suga

Global superstar PSY made an exciting news this weekend. The South Korean singer delighted his fans by sharing a sneak peek of his upcoming hit, That That. Fans, on the other hand, were taken aback when they spotted BTS member Suga’s name on the official poster.

According to the preview, Suga will work as a producer rather than a singer in the song.


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The little movie, which showcases snatches of the tune, is enough to convince you that the impending track is worth your time. In any case, it was a departure from The Gentleman singer’s regular discography.

The song “Record, That That” is rumoured to be the lead single from PSY’s upcoming album 9th, which is set to be released on April 29th, 2022.


PSY X Suga is a collaboration between PSY and Suga. PSY, the Gangnam style artist, revealed his brand new track That That on the 26th of April via his social media accounts. Suga, a South Korean idol, will create the song, which will be released in the coming days on Friday, April 29th.

PSY’s ninth studio album will be released alongside the music video for That That.

The official teaser poster for That That’s music video depicts the 44-year-old artist in a setting reminiscent of the Wild West. In slow motion, he can be seen wearing a fringed cowboy costume as he strides towards the camera.


A rhythmic guitar strumming song may be heard in the background. PSY slowly jumps and falls to the earth at the end of the video.


The Gentleman singer’s next album will have twelve songs. Heize, Crush, Tablo, and BTS SUGA are among the K-pop artists who will perform.


On Twitter, the hashtag ‘Producer SUGA’ is trending.

After hearing the happy news, followers chose to express their emotions by flooding Twitter with messages. They dubbed the BTS member ‘Producer SUGA,’ which is currently one of the most talked-about subjects on social media.


Fans have expressed their enthusiasm for the new cooperation. They expressed their excitement even further by stating that the impending collaboration is a significant thing for both South Korean singers.

Suga is no stranger to functioning as a producer for other performers’ tracks, as the BTS Army knows.

IU (Eight), Jungkook (Stay Alive), Epik High (Eternal Sunshine), Halsey (Suga’s Interlude), and Heize (We Don’t Talk Together) are just a few of the vocalists with whom the 29-year-old global sensation has previously collaborated.