Kate Mckinnon talks about leaving Saturday night live after ten years

Kate Mckinnon

Credit: Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

In a recent appearance in an interview, Kate Mckinnon talked about her choice to leave the comedy show Saturday night live, with which she nearly has a history of ten years as a cast member.

Kate Mckinnon reveals why she left Saturday Night Live

Kate McKinnon who recently featured in the Live with Kelly and Ryan and was seen in conversation with Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa in the episode of the show that aired on last thursday, while in conversation with the hosts of the Live with Kelly and Ryan show, she went on to reveal the reasons behind her decision to part ways with the comedy show Saturday Night live, she had been part of the show as a star and had worked in it for almost about a decade, she went on to say that she had wanted to be a member of the cast of the show Saturday Night Live, she said she really loved the part and enjoyed the work to the fullest, she said that her decade working with the saturday night live was the best decade of her life, but she is feeling that her body is sending her signals to slow down, it is feeling tired, so she decided to leave the show for good, upon being asked by Ryan whether she will tune into the coming few episodes that will drop this year, she said she still have to think about it and probably wont be returning to the studios this early after quitting the saturday night live show, she went on to say that it will be very emotional for her since she had considered fellow cast members, she says that she must go on to binge watch the Charlotte instead.

Who is Kate Nckinnon?

The first appearance of Kate McKinnon was in the year of 2012, in the 37th season of the show, for hwer time in the how, she had been honoured with the nominations for the Emmys and has even won two of them for role as a supporting role actress in a comic series. 

Kate McKinnon