Kim Burrell calls church goers ugly in the latest congregation of Pastor Brian Carn

Kim Burrell


As it appears, Kim Burrell, in a recent congregation at the church of Pastor Brian Carn, deemed the church visitors as ugly and sparked controversy, the video where she could be seen calling the churchgoers ugly, went viral and spread on the internet like wildfire.

Kim Burrell, who happens to be a very renowned gospel singer, could be seen in the video as she made various rude comments about the churchgoers she made some classist comments about how the church visitors actually belonged to the lower section of the society and were actually poor, she could be seen giggling as she makes her supposedly funny jokes and pauses to laugh more between her talking.

What did Kim Burrell say in her message?

Kim Burrell, who is a songwriter and singer and is quite famous for singing Gospels, made some very disgusting comments about the looks and the financial background of the visitors to the church, she said that sometimes people tend to judge before they become friends, about the financial crisis, and several related questions to the economic background. She also went on to say many controversial things like how it was very good for the churchgoers to come without sporting face masks or without vaccines.

Internet users react to Kim Burrell’s comment 

Many went on to say that Kim Burrell has always been a woman with Anti Christian attitude, one went as far as to comment that the life Kim Burrell describes that she leads in her songs is from the reality of her life. Many commented that she had been engaged in Gaslighting and that is a complete fake with minimum to no accountability, she is a woman of questionable attitude and is a complete fraud, a hypocrite as well.