What is Lawsy’s age controversy? Everything  explained

Who is Lawsy? Rapper’s age


The famous rapper who got fame when he was very young. The name of the rapper si Lawsy. He became the heartthrob of people through his music. He is becoming popular nowadays not because of his song but due to his age. However, the rapper is now revealed that he is a teenager. When he was delivering the interview he was also indiscreet about his real age. 

Read the article to know about Lawsy’s real age and why it created the buzz.

More about the rapper Lawsy

Lawsy is gaining limelight and rose to fame from nothing with the help of TikTok. He started with TikTok where he used to post videos on the platform. Henceforth, he dropped one of the many original songs titled ‘Please Me’ which immediately gained popularity.  This was the rising step in his career as he became famous after this song. He also used to post multiple funny videos on the platform too. 

Though his career on TikTok started in the year 2021. This year his song titled Please Me gained immense popularity. Though his real age of him was shocking for everyone. However. A new debate has started to rise on the internet about his current age. Lawsy himself told everyone about his current age which is very shocking for everyone. 


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How old is Lawsy according to him?

A few days back, when Hakeem Rowe was interviewing the rapper, he asked about his present age. The answer shocked everyone as he revealed that he is a 27-year-old man. It was beyond belief as everyone thought he is only a teenager. The interviewer then requested him to show id proof so that everyone can believe it. Though he didn’t agree to it.

The interviewer asked the rapper that he looks not more than 14 years old boy. To which the star gave a sarcastic comment that 14 is hilarious. This was good enough to create a sensation on the internet as no one believes that Lawsy is a 27-year-old man. Another fact, adding to this is his songs also give a feeling that he is a teenager. 

Netizens’ comments on Lawsy’s age

Netizens gave a hilarious and also unimaginable reaction to the news. As all the citizens said he is a mere teenager, he looks like. Some of them said that he also attends high school with those people.