Why has Blake Jenner been arrested? Another brush in with the law?

Blake Jenner


As it appears Blake Jenner has once again found himself in trouble with the law of the land, the actor who had been a star in the show ‘Glee’ had been in the headlines after he had harassed his former romantic partner Melissa Benoist, after notice had been made by Burbank, California, the state police had quickly arrested him, on the 9th of July, which was a Saturday, Blake had the mistake of jumping a red traffic light.


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Blake Jenner is not the only one on the list for being arrested for DUI

In the February of the year 2020, that is roughly 2 years back, an actor from the movie Wedding Crashers, Vince Vaughn had been taken into custody for DUI, in the coming month of March of the same year, Micheal Madsen, who had played a role in Kill Bill had been arrested for DUI twice in two years, Kim Sae Ron, who had acted in A Brand New Life had been arrested this year in the month of may for DUI and hit and run, Chris O Niel, the actor in the Greenhouse academy

Why has Blake Jenner, the star of Glee, been arrested?

As of what we know already, Blake Jenner, who had starred in the show Glee, has been charged with DUI and has been arrested by the authorities, after Blake had been found jumping a traffic signal and was stopped by the troopers of the state, following a check, it was revealed that the 29 year old actor from glee had been driving the vehicle under heavy influence of alcohol, way beyond the permissible safe limits , the star from bill boy had been taken into custody and had been charged with DUI, although he had been let go of only after a day, the legal representatives of Blake Jenner had been constantly trying to push back his date of appearance in front of a court