VIVIZ Light Stick Price, Release Date, and Place to buy


Who is not aware of VIVIZ, Girl Group? Are you interested in buying its product? 

Now it’s official, yes, Girl Group VIVIZ is bringing a great treat for all VIVIZ fans. They are coming with their light stick. Yes, the Girl band is launching a light stick which will be available for the public to buy. All the details about light sticks are available in this article. 

Which is Light Stick’s release date?

VIVIZ is very famous among the public especially when it comes to girls. They have millions of fans. VIVIZ has already won the hearts of people with its mind-blowing talent. A gift comes from them to the audience in the form of a Light Stick. Yes, their Light Stick is finally launched by the girl group VIVIZ. Here are the details for the light stick if you want to have one.

You can also grab your light stick in the form of a pre-order of the product. The release date is already out for the stick. Here you will find its date. You can book your light stick online from July, 21st at 6 pm KST. The last date will be at 11:59 pm KST, July 24TH. Grab your light sticks as soon as possible as the time is limited.  

What will be special for Light Stick? 

The launch of VIVIZ’s line-up is part of the merchandise that is lined up in the fan meeting. It is called “The 1st Vivid Dayz”. The light stick is launched by the VIVIZ group which is of few girls and has the feeling of Girl Group Power itself. The light of the VIVIZ Light Stick can be changed to four different shades the options you will receive in the light stick are violet, White, Blue, and Red.  

The shade selection is great and mesmerizing to look at. Also, another catchy feature of the light stick is the red, pink, and purple butterfly made on it. The light stick theme of all the shades and design everything is inspired and made under the guidance of VIVIZ Group themselves. 

How can you buy VIVIZ’s light stick?

You can grab your light stick from none other than the Everline Shop. If you are looking for an alternative, then you can have it from the site of the fan meeting. It is the first meeting with fans of VIVIZ. It is scheduled for August 13th, 2022. Along with that if you have placed an order online then for your information the shipment is from 16th August 2022.