Johnny Depp’s representative clears rumors about Depp returning to Disney Films


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Even though a lot of has passed since the controversial month and a half long trial between Johnny Depp and his former partner ended, the internet is not interested in forgetting about the names so soon and almost every alternative Depp or Amber Heard find themselves in headline of one article or another, with his victory in the much-highlighted libel case, fans are now speculating whether they will see their favorite star reprise the role of Jack Sparrow or not.

Comments from Johnny Depp’s representative about him returning to Disney

Johnny Depp’s representative recently went ahead and talked about the offer Disney made to Johnny Depp, as it appears, they’ve offered 301 million $ to Depp for him to step back into the shoes of Captain Jack Sparrow

In an effort to build back old bridges, they’ve even went ahead and offered an apology letter with the high money for the role, but it seems too late for such gestures since Depp doesn’t seem interested in patching things up with Disney, after he was quickly disassociated from the franchise four years back, in 2018.  


Johnny depps previous statements about returning to Disney

The pirates of the Caribbean actor said that he felt betrayed and stabbed in the back after he was so quickly removed from the franchise and how he was looked at as if he was guilty until proven otherwise, he had during the trials with Amber Heard said that even 300 million and a million alpacas wont make him return to work with Disney.


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He said how much jack Sparrow was such a large part of him after so much rewriting and putting in efforts, although he will be seen as Johnny Puffins in the animated web series Puffins Impossible.