Release date for Netflix’s Rebelde’s season 2 confirmed


Credit: Netflix

Rebelde is all set to return on Netflix with its second season in July, your favorite show which followed the lives of various students at an elite school who come from all sorts of upbringing, the first season had generated a good response from the audience thus prompting the streaming service to order a second season, when does your favorite show rebelde hits Netflix? Don’t worry as we’ve got all the details covered for you.

Netflix’s Rebelde season 2 dates announced

The first season of the Netflix show Rebelde came out earlier this year during the month of January, the rumors were ripe that the show could return with a second season the same year, however it was not Netflix’s habit to release two seasons of the same show within a single year, so we might as well say this is a pattern break.

As per the current information, the second season of the teen drama Rebelde will return on the 27th of July to the delight of the Rebelde fans who got two seasons from Netflix within the same year.


Credit: Netflix

The timings for the premiere of Rebelde season 2

We now already know that the second season of Rebelde will hit the platform on the 27th of July, they will be released at 12 am PT or 3 am ET.

Although not much is known about which members of the cast will be returning or what part of the story this season will be covering, but most of us are expecting a continuation from the plot of season one.

The number of episodes in Rebelde season 2

As the creators of the show are keeping their cards very close to the chest, we have a very small amount of information we can share, as of now, we don’t how many episodes the second season of Rebelde will have but we can guess that since the first season had 8 episodes, the second season may as well tow the line with the same duration of 50 minutes per episode.