Sam Asghari’s ex-girlfriend, has congratulated her ex-boyfriend on his surprise wedding to Britney Spears

Mayra Veronica

Mayra Veronica, Sam Asghari’s ex-girlfriend, has congratulated her ex-boyfriend on his surprise wedding to Britney Spears. In front of just their closest friends and family, including Madonna and Paris Hilton, the actor, 28, married Britney Spears, 40, in their Los Angeles home. Sam, who met Britney on the shoot of her music video in 2016, seemed to have his ex’s full backing and no ill will, with Mayra congratulating him.

All about what Mayra Veronica said about her ex-boyfriend’s wedding 

Mayra believes that, in addition to being a fantastic spouse for the Piece Of Me singer, Sam will also be a terrific father and someone who will back Britney through thick and thin one day.

Mayra couldn’t say enough good things about Brit’s new spouse in an interview with TMZ published on Sunday.


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‘I believe Sam would be an excellent spouse. He’s not the cheating or flirting kind; instead, he’s really loyal and supportive,’ she explained. She went on to say that she’s only seen ‘positive things’ between the pair and that they appear to be in a healthy relationship. Mayra, a model, and singer went on to explain that when they were dating, Sam was there for her through a terrible time in her life, stating she was ‘very much in the same scenario as Britney.’ ‘I was being controlled by my management and whatever, and he came into the scene when I was trying to detach from all of that,’ she explained, referring to Britney’s 13-year conservatorship, which ended in November. Because he’svery empathetic,’ she says Sam really helped’ her while she was suffering from her management.

Britney Spears

Mayra believes Britney has met her “ideal match” in Sam and is confident that he will “take excellent care of her no matter what happens.”

‘I think Sam would make a wonderful parent since he’ll have the leisure to focus only on the kids.’ She said, ‘He has a kind heart.’

Britney, who already has two kids, revealed she was expecting earlier this year, but the pair was left heartbroken when she miscarried.