What’s the latest trend ‘what song are you listening to?’ on TikTok


Credit: TikTok

It won’t be the first time, and we are absolutely sure that it wouldn’t be the last, but here we have another ridiculous trend on TikTok, its titled ‘what song are you listening to?’ if you are one of those people who spend a lot of their time and internet on the video-sharing app TikTok, chances are you may have come across this trend as its popularity increases every day.

‘what song are you listening to?’ videos on Tiktok

Tiktok is a place where trends come and go, what song are you listening to?’ isn’t any different, it first came out at the near end of the year 2021 and is resurging in its popularity, the creator of this trend is someone who goes by the name of Shan Rizwan.

He would walk the streets of New York City and question random passers Byers even more random questions, one of his questions was ‘what song are you listening to?’ this went really popular with the audience on TikTok.


Why is the trend what song are you listening to?’ so popular

The trend began when Shan Rizwan began to stroll the new York roads and interview random people, about things as simple as song preferences, this wasn’t his only act, he had done such interviews multiple times, once in Manhatten, Rizwan went to randomly guess peoples jobs and their rents.


Users response to what song are you listening to?’ trend.

While people on tiktok spare no opportunity to try out the trends that are going on the what song are you listening to?’  trend launched by Rizwan has a lot of people trying it out, Rizwan boasts a following of around 150k people on the youtube app and around 1.3 million followers on tiktok.