Hilaria Baldwin talks about being pregnant for the 7th time

Hilaria Baldwin Shares How Pregnancy


Hilaria Baldwin took to the social media platform Instagram as she revealed that the multiple pregnancies she had undergone have begun taking a toll on her body, she also revealed that she is pregnant again, with the latest one being the seventh in total.

Who is Hilaria Baldwin?

The 38-year yoga instructor told everyone that this will be her seventh child with her husband Alec Baldwin, she took to Instagram as she shared an old video of her doing squats and various other exercises, and she shared with her followers that she is in the final trimester of her pregnancy which is a very crucial period.

She shares that she is very grateful that she is able to move and stay active even while pregnant. 

She went on to say that she knows how every pregnancy is unique in its own way and how very little control the woman has over it, she has to relent it to nature, she also said that over the decade of being pregnant 7 times, beginning with her first daughter Carmen back when Hilaria was 28.

What does Hilaria Baldwin says about her 7th pregnancy?

She says that she can feel the effects of so many pregnancies on her, she can feel her body now attempting to slow down as a coping mechanism

Although despite all that, Hilaria says that she appreciates the phase of childbearing in her life 

She says that she is extremely grateful for such experiences in her life since she described motherhood as a very beautiful experience 

She also told that the new baby girl that will soon come into the world will have a lot of brothers and sisters for her and she says that having a big family like this always increases the capacity for love