Steve Harvey speechless after seeing wife, video surfaces online

Steve Harvey

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Recently, a video featuring Steve Harvey and his wife surfaced online where Steve Harvey can be seen at a loss of words at the sight of his wife, Marjorie, who appears very stunning to him.

Video featuring Steve Harvey and their Wife Marjorie

The clip that surfaced online and is roughly 30 seconds long was posted on the 6th of July, Marjorie can be seen wearing a blazer dress that was black in color, it was duly complemented by a perfectly fitting pair of stud earrings and golden heels.

Steve Harvey is apparently stunned by the look of his wife and is momentary without words, simply speechless as he admires the look of his wife.


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Internet users react to the video of Steve Harvey and his wife 

As the video spread on the internet like wildfire, many gave a lot of reactions to the video featuring steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie, they said how cute Steve was looking as he admired his wife, how he was giving her his complete attention and devotion.

Is Steve Harvey Cheating on his wife?

As per the claims made by Sandra Rose, Steve Harvey is apparently cheating on his wife of more than one and a half decade with the former prostitute Shannade Clermont.

Shannade Clermont had spent an year behind the bars due to the charges of identity theft and wire fraud, she has constantly retweeted Steve’s tweets and has claimed him has her man, she also has reported asked him to come home daddy.

Although Neither Steve no his wife have chosen to respond to the allegations of cheating that are levelled against Steve Harvey for cheating, they have chosen to maintain their silence.

Steve Harvey to create an event

Steve Harvey is reported to be behind the creation of the event the Investor Fest 2022 and this will focus on all aspects related to wealth building, investing, entrepreneurship, etc