A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on Jeopardy! Mattea Roach, a participant, stood alone for the final round.



Mattea Roach, the show’s incumbent champion, maintains her winning streak on the most recent episode of the American game show Jeopardy. On the other side, Nicky Smith ends up with a negative balance.

With her 15-game winning streak, Mattea Roach (a Toronto-based tutor) entered the game series. Reya Sehgal, a cultural consultant from New York, and Nicky Smith were among those who welcomed her (a debate instructor from San Francisco).


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Roach won a total of $352,781 throughout the event, continuing her winning streak.

Three competitors fight for three rounds and six categories in Jeopardy’s original game style. The show features the previous season’s champion.


The show’s prize pool grows with each stage. Contestants can use the money they’ve won to put a bet during the final round.


The newest Jeopardy game was won by Mattea Roach, although Nicky Smith ended up with a negative cash balance.

Mattea Roach, a Canadian native, demonstrated her vast knowledge in a recent episode of Jeopardy, which aired on April 26th.


Roach answered 14 of the 15 questions correctly, including the Jeopardy and Daily Double rounds. She was in first place with $8000, while Reya Sehgal was in second place with $3,800. Nicky Smith, on the other hand, finished with a -$400 score.


Roach dominated the Double Jeopardy round, properly answering 19 of the 20 questions. Smith was her follow-up, and he answered three questions right.

As they approached the Final Jeopardy round, Mattea had a total of $23,200 while Sehgal had $5,000. Regardless, Smith was not qualified for the final round since he was unable to place the -$800 wager.


In the final round, Roach was the last contestant standing, as the other two participants had negative cash balances.


“And then there was one,” Ken Jennings, the host of Jeopardy, said to the audience. Mayim Biali and Jennings co-host the game show. “It’s a rare solo Last Jeopardy,” he said as he introduced the final round.