What is a black ocean? The K-pop term explained

K-pop World

The industry of the K pop is very vast and is still expanding rapidly with each passing day, growing its influence, size, and power with each passing day, the world of the K pop is fully equipped with its own terms, one of the very very popular of terms is a black ocean, for someone with no knowledge of the K pop industry, this may sound gibberish and nonsense, but if you are a veteran BTS fan then you already know what it is, for those of you who do not, read along.

Black ocean and its connection to the K-pop world 

If you have been keeping an eye on the concerts, world tours, music festivals, and other performances of the K pop music bands, or if you have even attended any of these, you might have noticed fans waving glow sticks, particular to each band, these glow or light sticks are kept by the fans and they switch it on and wave it in the air whenever the music band of their preferences arrives to perform on stage, as a sign of love and support for the K pop band. Although if the glow sticks are brought out and waved in the air to show the love and support of the crowd, a move exactly opposite to this is also a term which is used to show the disapproval of the audience for the band, when they all switch off these glow sticks and there is no waving, this is called a black ocean and it show of lack of support for the group performing on stage.

Which K-pop bands have seen the Black ocean?

Black Ocean is a fully coordinated move which is a show of disapproval and lack of support from the audience for the group performing on stage, Girls Gen saw a black ocean, even the group Seveteen have faced it and you will be shocked to know that even the BTS wasnt lucky enough to be spared from a black ocean .