WWE finalizes multi-year deal with Logan Paul

Logan Paul

Image: Twitter

Logan Paul who has been engaged in boxing as a second career has now signed a multi year deal with the WWE, a lot of his fans are excited about what capacity and for how long will the YouTuber be seen with the wrestling corporation.

The news of Logan paul signing a deal with the WWE

Last Tuesday on the 30th of June, Logan Paul shared images of him signing the WWE contract with the officials with him with the caption ‘just signed the WWE contract’

The contract was signed at the WWE headquarters in the presence of the interim CEO and chairwoman Stephanie McMahon and her very famous and former wrestler husband Paul Levesque, better known as the Tripple H, he is currently at the help to manage global talent strategy management and development 

The 27-year-old YouTuber will be seen in a number of the event for the WWE across the years 2022 and 2023


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Logan Paul warns the Miz

Back in April, Logan had played a tag team match in WrestleMania 38, teaming up with the Miz and the father and son duo of Rey and Dominik Mysterio, despite the fact that Logan and the Miz won the match, the latter gave the YouTuber a skull-crushing finale and betrayed him 

In the video where he talks about his contract, he mentions how big of a deal it is, but he makes a fine dramatic addition to it as he writes on the back “I am coming for you the Miz”

It is highly probable that the youtuber will be pitted against his former partner during the summerslam near the end of July in his appearance for his debut pay per view  

Fans response to Logan paul’s entry in WWE

The internet seems to be divided over the entry of Logan Paul in the WWE, some people like his fans are celebrating the news and go on to say how it was excellent from both ends, although there was a bit of negativity where people mentioned such things being the reason they stopped watching WWE.