The wife of Hank Williams Jr dies due to the collapse of the lung

Hank Williams

In recent news, the wife of the country music sensation Hank Williams Jr, Mary Jane Thomas met her demise to the collapse of her lung a day after she had cosmetic surgery performed on herself

The reason for the death of the wife of Hank Williams Jr  

A coroner from the state of Florida conducted the autopsy of the corpse of the wife of Hank Williams Jr, Mary Jane Thomas, and revealed that the woman’s lung had suffered a collapse not long after she had undergone some surgeries that were of a cosmetic nature.

The death of Mary Jane Thomas, who happened to be the wife of the famous country music artist Hank Williams Jr, is now officially classified as an accident after a medical official from palm beach county did a thorough examination, it was revealed that the former model from Hawaii had suffered some serious damage while she underwent the cosmetic surgery, she had undergone the process of liposuction, which involves the removal of fat from the specific body part, she also had her breasts implant removed, but after a day of the surgery, the wife of Hank William Jr was found dead in her room at the Jupiter Beach and Spa resorts   

The doctor under whose supervision the surgery was conducted, Dr. Harrold Bafitis claimed that Mary was fine and could be seen sitting in her bed and sitting upright even when he had gone ahead to meet her as a following check up, Mary, however, had lost her consciousness and was taken to the hospital where she had been declared dead an hour after she had gone unconscious.  

The relationship between Mary Jane Thomas and Hank William Jr

The year was 1985 when Mary Jane Thomas and Hank William Jr when they had first met during a concert, then five years down the line, they tied the knot together in 1990, they even had two children together, their relationship hit a down when they chose to separate in 2007, however came back together in the year of 2011.