Mike Tyson disapproves of Hulu’s new series, Mike, based on him

In recent news, boxing legend Mike Tyson has expressed his disdain over the new series released on the streaming platform Hulu, the reason for this disapproval from the end of boxing legend because the platform created the series, Mike, which is based on the life of the 56-year-old boxing champion, without giving him due credits and compensation and did not even ask for his permission.

Hulu faces the wrath of Mike Tyson and his supporters

After Hulu revealed its latest production, a new series that is based on and inspired by the life and journey of the boxing legend Mike Tyson, it has come to light that the streaming service Hulu has not taken the permission of the former boxing sensation and did not even give him the credits and compensation that were due to him, Mike Tyson took the social media and wrote in a post, Mike was very angry, he said that this is not the 19th century anymore, this act of Hulu was compared to the act of a slaver from the past, and Mike Tyson was being treated as a person of color, who was put up on the block of the auction to be sold to the highest bidder, summing it up in his caption, Mike said that Hulu is just live a slave owner of the past who stole his story and did not even pay for it.


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Dana White supports Mike Tyson against Hulu

When the streaming service Hulu revealed their latest production, the series based on the life of legendary boxing star Mike Tyson without giving him due credit, asked the president of the UFC, Dana white, to promote this series, Dana had straightforwardly rejected the offer and took a stand for his long-time friend Mike Tyson saying that Hulu did not do right when they stole the story of Mike Tyson and did not pay him. 


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