Tiktok : ‘No Mercy In Mexico’ Disturbing Viral Video On Tiktok 

No Mercy in Mexico


Tiktok, usually known for its light hearted and short content has been gathering all sorts of attention a video going viral over the platform, whether be it a dancing video or a lip sync, Tiktok has the uncanny ability to make even the weirdest of things go viral, however this time a very disturbing video called the “No Mercy in Mexico” is gathering millions of views.

What Is The Trend All About ‘No Mercy In Mexico’

The original video of the trend shows a father and a son being attacked by a group of people, with the father being stabbed and his son being lying on floor beaten already and crying, another similar video under this trend features a woman being beaten, despite the horrific and gruesome content, it’s getting a lot of views and is going viral, videos of violence are being rolled out under this trend.

User’s Response on ‘No Mercy In Mexico’

There has been general disturbance spread at the sharing of these videos and people are shocked at such graphic display of violence, almost all the viewers claim that such videos should immediately be taken down from the platform due to its gruesome depiction and glorification of violence