What Wendy Williams was doing at the Strip club?

Wendy Williams’s

Credit: @dannyducez/Tik Tok

Wendy William is again now on the top trending topic due to her bizarre actions. Recently, she opted to take a break from her show The Wendy William Show where she used to do hosting. She did it due to health issues. However, now the host has become a topic of conversation due to her appearance in the Strip Club. 

Wendy William’s adventurous night 

Wendy Williams was captured by The Sun recently. As per reports she was celebrating Will Shelby’ Birthday, who is her manager. She was celebrating it at a strip club in Queens, NY City, US. However, the glimpses of celebration were shared by Danny Ducez, who was one of the invited ones. Danny shared a video of the celebration on TikTok. 

Fans of Williams quickly and easily spotted her between all the chaos. Adding to that, Danny created hype for the post when we wrote his friend Williams is not aware of how to act properly this weekend. Henceforth, the video featured the former host capturing shots of the strippers and clubgoers. This feature raised concerns in the minds of the fans. Along with that, Williams’s manager shared some moments of her at the strip club through pictures. 


During the whole video montage, all we can see are the smoke-filled rooms in the club where strippers are dancing. Also, stacks of bills are shared from one place to another. Also, it showed a bold side of Williams’s manager. The almost 60 years old broadcaster was not feeling like her real self for the past few days. This happened after she lost her purple seat. 

Along with that, she also gave a statement that she is not well nowadays. Do you have any concerns with it? Wendy is feeling like Wendy. It can be too much for her at the moment. 

Fans immediately started commenting on her behavior. They used their social media profiles to share what they are feeling about Wendy’s rare behavior at the Queen’s Club of NY City. 

How did Williams fans react?

Media users have their own ways of showing concern it raising questions. One commented, what is happening with Wendy Williams?

Another asked about her well-being by saying I hope she is okay. Some said, take her immediately. Another wrote, yes, it’s good that Wendy is out in the open. 

Wendy told the media in the past about her battle with drugs and drinking. She said it occurred after her separation from her former husband Kevin Hunter.