Fan’s reaction to ‘Wendy Williams Show’ being taken down. Fans are in disarray. 

Wendy Williams Show

The Wendy William Show came to end in June after which all hours-long videos are no longer accessible to the audience. After the 13 seasons of the show, the last episode was aired on 17th June 2022, a halt has been made on the seasons. Wendy William is not able to host the show due to her sinking health issues. Recently, all the YouTube videos of the show are erased which made fans shamble. Another shocking thing was that the official website of Wendy William has also been put down from the internet. All this was very shocking for all the fans and made it a trending topic among the fans.

There are no videos accessible or available for the fans on the internet, 13 years of efforts are gone in vain. The show’s channel was hidden or made unavailable on the 4th of July. Fans bombarded the whole internet.

Why Wendy William was not seen in the 13th season?

She was seen in very few episodes of the last season due to her ill health conditions. Wendy William was asked to record a parting message for the fans in the last episode. However, according to the rumors she denied it. Her presence was also asked in the last episode but she didn’t accept it.

How do Fans react?

On Twitter fans flooded with describing it as unjustifiable and bitter. Some social media users also

Compared it to ‘burning books’. For some, it was like a last memory of the iconic talk show and they felt as if they are snatching that from the fans.

Some fans reacted by saying they can cancel the show but deleting the channel is not acceptable. They have deleted the history or the archives. Many people said they won’t be watching the upcoming shows of the production company. Some people even shared their stories of how they fought depression by watching her show. The flurry of anger in a blink of eyes was converted into sadness and then into disbelief. Many people were considering it the end of independence in America.

The hyperbolic reactions of fans were also contradicted by only a few who accepted the move and appreciated it. There were questions raised about Sherry Shephard whose show is going to be aired or make its debut in September 2022.